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A gentle guide to getting the most from your Summer

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Summer should be a time of possibility, trying new things, enjoyment, relaxation. . . and yet so often that becomes a pressure.

What we do in A Seasonal Way is look at what you actually want to do this summer, what is stopping you, what simple things could help you fit in more joy and connection to your busy life?

The core of A Seasonal Way is a beautiful 100 page A4 magazine - available as either a printed copy or as a digital version. The magazine is divided into 4 sections, designed to be read every fortnight over summer. It is full of activities to try, seasonal notes, and recipes along with a bit of psychology and science. 

The e-course builds on the topics covered in the magazine, with extra material and downloads emailed every fortnight. A private Facebook Group will allow us to create a supportive community to discuss what we are doing and the journey we are on.

I want this to be a joyful and easy addition to your summer - there isn't homework, it isn't competitive, A Seasonal Way is something that will simplify life rather than add more things onto your to-do list. 

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"This is the best thing that has appeared in my inbox for months, maybe years. So many things I can relate to. So inspirational. Thank you." Maryann

What exactly is included?


A Seasonal Way is available as both a hard copy magazine and a digital version. It is divided into four sections - planning, growing, harvesting and reflecting - which help you to intentionally connect to the season.

There are essays, interviews, recipes and activities - from trying your hand at freehand machine embroidery to a walk through my personal activity planning method.


Every fornight I shall email you with an essay and an extra activity connected to the magazine. I will also email PDF downloads for activities and a prompt for discussion in the Facebook Group. There are 4 emails in total, following the sections of the magazine.


This journey towards a more connected and seasonal life is one that I am on too and it is much more rewarding if we club together. Sometimes all we need is permission and people cheering us on.

As part of A Seasonal Way there will be a private Facebook group where we can support each other, There will be fortnightly prompts to encourage discussion and exchange. 

Pre order "A Seasonal Way"


I’m Jane Lindsey

I live what I like to call 'an integrated life' in the middle of Scotland. I'm an artist, writer and gardener, an experimenter, an arranger of flowers and keeper of chickens. I am interested in all the ways we can live thoughtful lives connected to the seasons.

Over the past 20 years I have been growing and making things in rural Stirlingshire - right at the edge of the Loch Lomond National Park.

I was inspired to simplify my life by a wish to control the symptoms of my auto-immune diseases. I wasn't prepared to stop doing things so I have found ways to reduce stress and live a more intentional life and manage my energy that way.

It is these lessons and techniques which are at the heart of A Seasonal Way.

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